Supplements for Mental and Physical Health: Which Ones You Should Start Taking

Our bodies are complex vehicles, and the type and amount of fuel we put into them influences the way they run. The human body requires essential nutrients, some of which we get a lot of, some of which we don’t. Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are involved in pretty much every bodily function/process you have, but unfortunately, the typical American diet is pretty lacking in these nutrients. When one of these key players in your optimal mental and physical health is missing, it leaves a hole that cannot be filled with anything else. Some of the signs you may be micronutrient-deficient include sluggishness, fatigue, dizziness, poor immune system functioning, brittle bones, or fertility issues.

To address the underlying cause of these symptoms, taking daily supplements can get you back on track towards feeling your best. Although I try not to pop a pill to solve everything, I am a fervent supporter of taking daily supplements. Keep reading for which supplements to take, as well as links to the highest quality and most cost-effective supplements on Amazon.

Which Supplements to Take

The following are supplements I take daily after doing a lot of research on which are most helpful in addressing common health concerns. These have a variety of diverse and surprising benefits, ranging from fighting cancer to addressing anxiety and depression.

#1: Fish Oil

Fish oil has a sort of cult following which is kind of hilarious. People who take fish oil love taking fish oil and will probably try to convince you to take it, too. It’s like the CrossFit of the supplement world.

Benefits: As funny as the fish-oil-following is, their dedication isn’t undeserved. This type of oil, and the omega-3’s that it contains, serves as a natural remedy to basically everything. It has been found to lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and other factors related to heart health. Taking fish oil also has been linked to mental health, as research suggests these good fatty acids help alleviate psychological disorders like bipolar disord, psychotic symptoms, or depression. Research suggests taking fish oil also promotes eye health, reduces inflammation, helps with symptoms of ADHD, slows mental decline, and assists in treating allergies and asthma. Seriously, people, this one is a must.

Click here for the one I like by Nature Made as it avoids preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and because it is the brand most frequently recommended by pharmacists.

#2: Tumeric Curcumin

Tumeric has started popping up all over the health/wellness world. Health smoothie shops are starting offer Tumeric as an add in, fitness gurus are touting this as a miracle worker, Doctors are doing research about its amazing benefits, all for good reason. I started taking this Tumeric supplement about 6 months ago because of research showing it was helpful to recovery from concussions. Given all the other benefits I have since discovered, I have to say, I’m hooked.

Benefits: Tumeric has incredible antioxidant benefits. It has been found to neutralize free radicals (which are molecules that result from breaking down food, exposure to tobacco, etc.). The harmful and disease-causing effects of these molecules are reduced by Tumeric and other antioxidants, thus helpful to reducing the risk for cancer, neurological disorders, and other diseases. Antioxidants are also great for healthy skin! One study also found that people taking Tumeric showed similar improvements in symptoms of depression as others who were taking Prozac. What?! Count me in!!

Me taking my daily supplements of Fish Oil, Tumeric, and Magnesium!

#3: Magnesium

If you’re stressed out, have tight muscles, insomnia, or anxiety, you should consider starting to take Magnesium (this one is the best!). I personally hold all my stress in my neck and shoulders, which was causing headaches and discomfort. In addition to helping sleep better, Magnesium really helped loosen my muscles and keep me more comfortable.

Benefits: Magnesium promotes wellness in a variety of ways. This nutrient reduces muscle tension, helps promote a more calm state of mind, has been linked to treating anxiety, headaches, PMS, diabetes, and bone health. This was a big factor in my own recovery from a concussion, as research has shown that brain injuries are associated with much lower levels of magnesium. Adding this one to your routine will promote both physical and mental health!

#4: A Daily Multivitamin

Multivitamins are kind of a one-stop-shop for improving your overall wellness. These are usually sold specifically for adult men and women. I have found I never remember take the regular pill form, but a yummy gummy vitamin is a lot more appealing. I think this women’s multivitamin tastes the best, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option, click here for the cheapest gummy multivitamin you’ll find. Especially because women can be prone to anemia (which is the sluggishness and fatigue that results from low iron), taking a multivitamin rich in iron can be immensely helpful.

Benefits: In general, taking a daily multivitamin will improve the function of your brain, immune system, and heart, as well as aiding in bone density, energy levels, and relaxation. These multivitamins are packed with a large variety of nutrients our bodies need. I personally like going with Women’s multivitamins because they add biotin and other nutrients which stimulate hair growth and healthy skin.

As with all healthy nutrients, too much of a good thing isn’t always healthy. It’s important to follow the guidelines on the labels (or those recommended to you by your Doctor) of how much to take daily. If taken properly, however, these nutrients can significantly impact your overall physical and mental health.

What about you? What supplements do you take?

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